Preparing Before the Moving Company Arrives

Moving Day Preparation  

Moving will always require a ton of preparation; that’s a fact. From deciding where to move to call a moving company, you can be sure that there will be many things you need to tackle before the moving day. And when it does come, there will be even more things to do.

To prepare as the movers are about to come, read on for tips.

Look for a spot for the movers to park.

Many people will overlook this detail but it’s critical that you look into it before the movers arrive. As the movers head to your place, look around for a proper space for their truck to park. If you don’t have space in your personal driveway, secure a parking pass for street parking or obtain special permission so they can park in a shared driveway. Either way, the job can be done faster when the truck isn’t parked blocks away from your house.

Check if you have properly boxed everything.

Unless your move includes a packing service, it will be up to you to make sure that all your belongings are properly placed in sturdy, corrugated boxes. Besides using those kinds of boxes, don’t forget to use foam pouches, dividers, and bubble wraps for all your fragile items. The better you pack your stuff, the lesser the chances of the movers breaking anything by accident. Of course, don’t forget to label each box based on its content.

See if furniture pieces can fit through doors.

Although a moving company will do everything in their power to get your furniture from your old home to the new one, you may have to give them a heads-up if there are particularly large or bulky pieces that may be a little difficult to move in and out because small doorways stand in there way, literally. If you warn them about this dilemma early, they can properly plan ahead and bring the right supplies to get this tough job done.

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